New festival of L-EST, The #TransFiction Meeting invites you to explore the performing arts and transmedia creation. L-EST is experimenting these new art territories with French and international artistic teams. For this first edition, we propose you to witness artistic upheavals, including those related to digital practices, to live and experience the singular propositions that the six artistic teams supported within our three structures the last two seasons, made to us and you.

By nature these hybrid and playful transmedia works intend to connect several forms: scenic, virtual, radiophonic, digital, written, technological or visual through a single story. Then creating a universe harboring worlds linked together, where you are invited to interact, or immerse yourself experimenting and even propose to change the story.

The program of the three days? Finished transmedia works and others being created that we present you beforehaed, a professionnal meeting and a performing arts and transmedia hackathon to share various skills in relation to an artistic project, organised in partnership with IUT Belfort-Montbéliard and the UFR STGI of the University of Franche-Comté.

For more infos, have a look on the Programme (in French... what the hell...)