A multi-site structure rooted in a fragmented territory (The greater area of Montbéliard is made up of 29 smaller towns or villages), MA came about from the merger of a “scène nationale” [national theatre], a theatre for young audiences (L’Arche), a large municipal theatre (the 1100-seat MALS in Sochaux,) and a structure dedicated to the creation and production of digital arts (Ars Numerica). It has inherited a dense and complex history oriented towards artistic innovation: the Centre d’Action Culturelle headed by Yves Deschamps in the 80s (which gave rise to the first version of the scène nationale), the Centre International de Création Vidéo directed by Pierre Bongiovanni in the 90s (which became Ars Numerica before being attached to the scène nationale).

Core activities:

  • Multidisciplinary programming combining discoveries, large formats, young audiences, symphonic music (through a new partnership with the Franche-Comté Victor Hugo Orchestra).
  • Creation of festivals featuring participatory actions, shows, creative projects, on-site productions of works: Ars Numerica festival, Green Days festival.
  • Creative education through participatory projects run with artists and partners (schools, community associations) for local residents, young people, etc.: Campus Culture, Académie du Mobile, Toi & MA.
  • Production support for artistic proposals using new technologies through its digital stage, a facility associating a full stage and post-production studios
  • Structuring of European networks centred on artistic education

In addition, since last season Le Granit and MA have launched a shared Europe-oriented event with a double programme: Europe en scènes is a joint approach that is open to different approaches and aesthetics.