Le Granit has always built long-term relationships with directors; these include Jean-Luc Lagarce, Ezequiel Garcia Romeu, Ludovic Lagarde, Benoit Lambert and Jean-Lambert Wild who initiated durable collaborations with researchers and engineers from Belfort/Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM) for his productions.

Core activities:

  • Production and support for multidisciplinary contemporary creation (Collaborations for 2013/2014 season include: Jacques Vincey/Sirens company, Anne Montfort/ Day-for-night company, Julien Travaillé/Serial Theatre company)
  • Programming of multidisciplinary artistic proposals with a core focus on theatre.
  • La Galerie, a venue programming exhibitions and activities centred on visual arts integrated to the theatre (diversity of mediums and forms, installations, interventions, performances, itineraries, publications, etc.)
  • Artistic and cultural education (school-based projects, adult writing workshops, children’s drama workshops, provision of educational packs, etc.)

After Belgium last season, Le Granit continued its European policy by proposing a focus on Swiss production for the 2013 /2014 season, thus asserting the cross-border dimension of its territorial location. Le Granit is also preparing a European-scale project structured around authors and the translation of dramatic works for an artistic project drawing on different viewpoints.