Aesop Story Engine - is a collection of thirteen unique components wrapped in a plugin that can be used to tell rich, interactive stories in any WordPress theme.

Beekast - Beekast™ is an innovative technology allowing participants to directly use their smartphone to speak of instead of using the traditional microphone. Microphone: Participants use their phone instead of the microphone to speak. Posts: Participants can post messages / questions / comments to be displayed on a projected screen. Live Polls: You can create polls in real time and instantly get the results etc.

Creatavist - Online tool for writers and publishers and others to create a reading experience that engages the audience. You can produce a story, e-book, magazine, video narrative and publish it to the web, e-readers, the Creatavist app, or your own app.

Djehouti - Interactive content creation tool.

Flaticon - The largest database of free vector icons.

Isadora - real-time media manipulation software to create interactive visuals, sounds, and environments.

Numerous tools to create interactive timelines.

Mozilla Popcorn - Popcorn adds interactivity and context to online video, pulling the rest of the web into the action in real time. It lets users link social media, news feeds, data visualizations and other content directly to moving images >> with an introductory tutorial HERE

Pearltrees - organise, explore, share.

Prezi - Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas

Pixton Comics - Make a comic yourself and online

RacontR - Interactive content creation tool.

Rekall, an open-source workspace that documents and analyses creative process and facilitates the restaging of performances - Project initiated and conceived by Clarisse Bardiot, in collaboration with Buzzing Light and Thierry Coduys.

Recho - Recho lets you record sounds and tie them to the place they were recorded. Everyone who has the app can find your sounds - when they are listening in the right place.

Reddit - a type of online community where users vote on content.

Screen Australia – Digital ressources

Storify - Make the web tell a story.

Storyform - Integrate Storyform with your existing site and transform static blog posts and photos into immersive narratives. Choose from a host of templates with full screen video and imagery.

Steller - Telling a story with pics, video and text.

Transmedia Workflow

Walking The Edit - Walking the Edit is an innovative system to “walk a movie”.

ZEEGA - interactive storytelling for a future beyond blogs. You can use any media in the cloud, transform the entire screen into your playground, and share your interactive creations with the world.