The 3 selected artistic teams > grants 14-15

Of the 147 received applications for a research grant, in response to the call for "performing arts and transmedia," L-EST has selected 3 artistic teams. Each of the three selected projects are at different stages of their development: either in a research phase to achieve a model project, or it is a more advanced creation under way, entering now a production phase.

All three projects emphasize and integrate in their approach:

  • interactive writing that involves audience participation contributing to the deployment of the narrative, seeking to create new fictional territories within the same level that people appropriate, use and experiment with;
  • a multi-platform dramaturgy, staging or performance operating a convergence between “traditional” writing and interactive writing

This time, the 3 artistic teams will all be present at the same period in June, approx. 10 to 15 days depending on the company. Soon you will find more details on their projects here !!

But who are these artistic teams?

1 / Project "Attitudes" Lina Schlageter and Zoe Philibert carried by the Association 48 (FR)

Lina Schlageter choreographer and dancer graduated from the CNDC of Angers, and Zoé Philibert is student at the ENSAPC. Both meet by participating in the curatorial
adventure 3some ( They find each other in their shared desire to cross disciplines and fields of research. Each of them is mutually discovering the universe of the other, leading them to make them collide. Zoe is passionate about literature and especially poetry and Lina more knowledgeable in choreography.

From Zoe's collection, Lina proposes to collaborate by four hand writing in order to produce different sorts of partitions and poems from videos. Implicitly, it is their both desire of proposing
to the reader something that could be like a collection of protocols and proposing to adopt these collected attitudes.

2 / Project "Human Decision" Leslie Mannes and Louise Baduel, company System Failure (BE)

Both choreographers Louise Baduel and Leslie Mannès meet in 2008 in Brussels. Fascinated by the collective imagination, Leslie and Louise are seeking to stage the human with its paradoxes, illusions, fantasies, everyday weaknesses or prowess in a quirky and absurd world full of cinematic references.

LOUISE BADUEL is a choreographer and dancer (PARTS) as well as videographer based in Brussels. She collaborated with Karen Lambeak in Something Out of Isadora Duncan (2012), with Thomas Giry in L.Bruisse (2008), and co-directed by Lieven Dousselaere a dance video Abyss (2009). Louise worked as a playwright for the collective Skyr Bob Lee and as camera-woman for Olof Soebech (Everydaystories).

LESLIE MANNES is a choreographer, dancer and actress based in Brussels. She created Delusive Figures (2005) ... or the brunette who loved sardines (2010). She collaborates with Manon Santkin and Jennifer Defays through the project BY- PRODUCT. She is a member of the Real Optimization Company. She dances withMossoux-Bonté Company and with the choreographers Ayelen Parolin and Maxence Rey. She starred in the film FATCAT by Gelise Patricia and Nicolas Deschuyteneer.

3 / Project "Je n'ai qu'un toit du ciel, vous aurez de la place," collective (FR)

Since two years, the group conducts research on writing for radio. Experiencing different forms of live broadcasts, listening and participation situations (see "Radio waves occupation" , the Panacée, Montpellier and "I have a roof of the sky, you will have the place" - episode 1 for the festival Sidération CNES-Paris). This research on media shaped in the form of a radio drama laboratory is underpinned by an experiment around the question of the writing of a document as well as dramaturgical and formal issues raised by the production of a, both performative and participatory,
broadcast producing the out-send of radio "message"  in a mimetic context.

Following the first episode of "
Je n'ai qu'un toit du ciel, vous aurez de la place", the group decided to continue this piece in a logic of series in order to continue this research, convening around the question of the "infinite universe," the possibility of producing a "theatrical machine" where fabric of stories and active experience of the audience are at the heart of the research.