Residency # 3 // Sarah Lewis - Yohanna Baez and the SUGAR (REDUX) Collective

From 23rd to 29th June Sarah Lewis and her collective continued their research on their project SUGAR (REDUX) at MA scène nationale in Montbéliard.

During this period, they particularly experimented a working process and a public form, a bit like practice as research...

Δ° sugar // sweet exodus: a movement in alchemizing sugar

Movement 1: working
This act takes shape as a workshop where local and international artists from different genres “laboriously” deal with the ongoing implications of a substance that is so easily accessible and instantly gratifying. By critically dealing with sugar and its influences, “Pop” (i.e. popular forms of media, art, and rhetoric) is explored as a translator, disseminator and aesthetic choice. Through this “Pop” treatment, sugar becomes a creative element that is reclaimed and adapted, setting the stage for a live event.

Movement 2: the public forum
This live event incorporates a cast of characters that include workshop participants, invited guests and the general public. It presents the work that was done throughout the workshop and facilitates a public forum creating a discourse on what was, what could have been, what is happening and what could be the facts and ideologies surrounding this simple household commodity.