Residency # 1 // Company Olga Mesa and Francisco Ruiz De Infante

Copyright Company Olga Mesa

Copyright Company Olga Mesa

From March 31. to 6. April 2014, the company Olga Mesa and Francisco Ruiz De Infante worked on their artistic research around the project CARMEN/SHAKESPEARE SECOND ACT (The One with the Crash-tests)


Study and creation of prototypes for cross-experimentation of multiple scenes.
The idea is to build and link six spaces : the stage and five other
locations interconnected via Internet from Lisbon, Casablanca, Strasbourg, Madrid and Geneva (in relation to a "guest team" of five artists who are based or staying in these cities). These experiments will be integrated into the web-platform that will eventually become a real "place" on stage in the scenography as well as the dramaturgy of SECOND ACT.
For the construction of these multiple scenes the work will involve :

  • Mirrored changes in the different places after they have been interconnected (a place imitates another like it )
  • Their sound and visual resonances, paying particular attention to the concept of " counterpoint ", a concept that was experienced in the ACT 1.
  • Subtle gestual contaminations performed within each of the six places.
  • Generating apparent "dialogues of the deaf" between live "presence" and images or sounds captured upstream (off the real-time streaming) .

The internet platform requires the completion of a charter that determines response protocols for the authors and for " extraordinary guests " and finally for Internet accomplices of the project. At each level of participation, it is possible to intervene in specific forms: text-image-sound, articulation / editing content, dialogue protocols, plasticity, forms for the streaming parts...