Project ATTITUDES - Lina SCHLAGETER & Zoé PHILIBERT accompanied by l'Association du 48 (France)

Research residency at VIADANSE-CCNFCB from June, 11 to 25, 2015

Public presentation on June, 19th, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the CCNFCB



Lina Schlageter and Zoe Philibert meet while participating both in the curatorial adventure 3some. Learning more about their respective research, they decide to work together with the desire of overlapping and mixing their disciplines. Zoe has a passion for literature, especially poetry, and Lina is engaged in dancing.

Attitudes is the first project resulting from their collaboration that will lead, running 2016, to the formation of their company. Until then, the project is supported and accompanied at the administrative level by the Association du 48, a company with which Lina Schlageter collaborates as a dancer.


 ©Lina Schlageter et Zoé Philibert

©Lina Schlageter et Zoé Philibert

Initiated by Zoe Philibert and Lina Schlageter, the project Attitudes declines attitudes of singers on stage in the form of scores from collection of videos found on the internet. For 2015, it aims to create a website as a dissemination tool and a spontaneous experimentation platform by the launch of these partitions. Visitors are invited to interpret by dancing and in turn share their experience by registering online videos of their interpretations. Thus creating a collection of videos associated with each partition. Regularly, the site will be updated with new sets of scores.

Attitudes will be structured as a laboratory to be enriched collectively, exposing shared links - particularly through internet - towards different bodies, musical and dance imaginary.

So that you and everyone can have fun, as  you would have fun to get caught up in any dance at a party. Taking liberties with these scores, wear these "attitudes" as you would wear a suit.

To make the site, the company works with Thomas Bethmont, who is developer and musician, as well as Erwan Soyer, graphic designer. This is a joint effort to build an interactive platform offering visitors easy navigation and participation in enriching this laboratory.

The residency at the CCNFCB will be dedicated to another part of the project, a "live" and collective version. Indeed, the company plans to organize balls during which participants would interpret the partitions simultaneously guided by a performer reading them at the microphone. Céline Cartillier, dramaturgic adviser, will be involved in the process for this role of cheerleader and warming up the audience. In the tradition of the "Bal Moderne", this project offers a different form: a ball whose choreographic score consists of free text interpretation in terms of movements. Thus, bouncing back on the different strata of the project, with parts of live videos, we will offer in turn, the participants to be performers of a big live event.